Are you ready to take back your life?

I will teach you mind body and mindfulness techniques and conduct a full body Reiki session. I use Usui Reiki techniques and may incorporate modern Western and Shamanic techniques as well such as pulling out negative energy, holy smoke cleansing, use of crystals, and aromatherapy.

During the first session, I will gather information about your concerns and give you some mind body techniques that will be useful to you. I will also do a body scan to intuitively feel where there are areas of tension during the session. However, I will never attempt to diagnose or cure. I believe that Reiki is all-knowing and will go where it is needed.

What To Expect:

– A feeling of deep relaxation

-You may feel a warm sensation coming from my hands or feel warmth in the area that is being worked on

-You may have an emotional response and may feel intense sadness or joy

-Some people also experience crying, tingling, twitching, or yawning, burping, etc…which are all forms of release

Natassia Racine
Holistic Health Practitioner, Mind Body Practitioner, and Usui Reiki Ryoho Master

I am currently holding sessions out of Harmony Wellness Clinic in San Juan Capistrano with a great group of loving, like-minded individuals. I have been studying holistic health and working in this field for the last four years. I graduated from American College of Healthcare Sciences as a holistic health practitioner and that eventually led me down the path of mind body work.

As for Reiki, I had previously come upon it in 2016 when I first started practicing on myself and friends. I am now incorporating it into my practice as a tool for mind body health.

Along with my mind body work, I also offer some divination in the form of rune readings and blessings (Please inquire for more info on this and how to get a reading). I was called to this years ago after discovering more about my heritage and ancestral lineage. I use my home made runes as a way to gain insight to unanswered questions. I also use them to bless and protect a person or a space.

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